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Hydro-pneumatic Control System Panel” is a dedicated control panel product designed to operate pressure booster systems installed in high-rise buildings. Packed with all features thinkable for such a system, it enables one to maintain constant pressure and sufficient flow in the entire distribution network. Micro-processor-based control system. 5-inch Touch-screen Color Display as HMI. Easy to change set points like target line pressure. Easy to select the pump sequence to be followed. Operational parameters like Line Pressure, Pump Status, VFD Speed and trips/failures are easily accessible on HMI Display. Supports Constant Speed Mode (no VFD), Cascade Mode (Single VFD) and dedicated speed control Mode (VFD for each pump). In Cascade mode, a single VFD can be made to operate multiple pumps. In case of VFD unavailability or failure, the system automatically changes its mode to constant speed mode

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