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The STP/ETP/WTP boards are essentially utilized for contamination control. The abbreviation of STP is standard temperature and tension, and for ETP it is a monetary change program, and for WTP it is water squander treatment plant. These boards are utilized in this plant for the treatment of waste. Our organization that is Global Electrical and Controls Pvt Ltd is the main maker and exporter of this board across India and furthermore beyond India. We give you an eco well disposed and simple to utilize STP/ETP/WTP boards for the contamination control plants. These STP/ETP/WTP boards will assist you with helping up your business by improving your plant hardware. We will give you a powerful and minimal plan board that will assist you with saving your power. We strongly prescribe you to utilize our VHCPL STP/ETP/WTP boards for your plants, we give you an ISO 9001:2008 and CPRI affirmed organization's boards which we will add additional climb to your business.

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